Tips to Take Better Dog Pics

Taking pictures of your best friend is not always easy. Unlike humans, pets won’t simply pose for a picture. Here are tips that can help you get the most out of your photo session:

Pay attention to the background. A cluttered environment will take focus away from the dog. Use colorful, yet simple, backgrounds, such as bushes or blankets.

Kneel or sit on the ground. Position yourself so you are on the dog’s level and not looking down.

Use food. Try giving the dog a few tasty treats, then tap one on the top of the camera as you are about ready to snap the shot. This should capture his/her attention and get him/her to make eye contact with the lens.

Snap a photo while the dog is panting to capture his/her smile.

Avoid that “glowing green eyes” look. Do not use the flash; photograph the dog outside or set your camera to shoot in low-light situations.

Take lots of shots. One of them is bound to be a “keeper.”



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