Easter Basket Ideas For Your Pet

By: Ellen Vossekuil, Yahoo Contributor Network

Many pets get birthday presents and Christmas stockings, so why not celebrate the season with an Easter basket? Obviously chocolate is off the list for treats, but you can put together a fun, cute, and creative Easter basket for your pet without spending a ton of money on
commercial toys.Pet Easter basket

Think non-traditional with your pet’s Easter “basket”. A new food bowl or pet bed can be used to hold Easter goodies. You can even use a cardboard box and allow your pet to destroy the “basket” after all the treats are gone. Word of caution: stay away from plastic grass for your pet. If ingested it can cause intestinal blockages. Use shredded paper instead.

Homemade Dog Cookies
There are a ton of recipes out there for homemade dog treats. Find some Easter-themed cookie cutters at the dollar store, and your dog can enjoy chick-, bunny-, and egg-shaped cookies while you snack on chocolate.

Plastic Egg Toys
Those plastic eggs you use to hide candy for your kids can also be used to entertain you pets on Easter. Place some catnip in an egg and watch your cat go crazy! You can also put in a small amount of uncooked rice to add some sound effects as the egg gets batted around the house.

Stuffed Animals
The same stuffed bunny or chick you might get for your child can also be a great gift for your pet. Just make sure it is a good quality product with no small parts that your pet could choke on. Who doesn’t love a good squeaky rabbit or a catnip-filled chick on Easter?

Hard-Boiled Eggs or Carrots
Some Easter people-foods are safe for pets to enjoy. Dogs love hard-boiled eggs. If you use non-toxic egg dye, your dog can enjoy an Easter egg or two along with the family. Add some whole carrots for visual interest, or even sneak your dog a piece of ham! Just don’t share the chocolate bunny with your furry friend.

Bunny Ears
If your dog or cat will tolerate it, get a set of bunny ears for your pet. Get a good laugh and take some pictures!

Easter Baskets for Small Pets
Rats, hamsters and guinea pigs will also enjoy an Easter basket! Fill a basket or container with shredded paper (avoid plastic grass) and bury treats for them to search for. Rats are smart and dextrous enough to open plastic eggs with treats inside. The baskets may even become a preferred nesting spot!


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