Three Pet Health & Safety Tips For The Fall Season

As the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to change, it is hard to believe that the fall season is already upon us. It seems that just a few weeks ago we were swimming alongside our dogs in the lake or traveling on pet-friendly summer vacations with our furry friends. However, now that the local pools and parks are beginning to shut down for the fall, it is time to start making the transition with the changing season.

While the fall season can bring about colder weather and more time spent bundled up inside, that does not mean that you and your pets cannot still enjoy the wonderful autumn air around you. In fact, fall is one of the greatest times of year for escaping outside with your pooch or spending some real one-on-one time inside with your favorite pal.

When you are running through the bright red and orange leaves with your dog outside or curling up with your cat next to the toasty fireplace, it is easy to relax and enjoy the moment. However, just like with every other season, it is important that you are aware of the different dangers and restrictions that may apply to your pets this upcoming season.

Here are just a few pet health and safety tips that will allow you and your furry friend to enjoy the change of the season while remaining healthy and happy day after day.

Seasonal Foods

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of the fall season is the Thanksgiving holiday. Mounds of stuffing and turkey dishes, desserts filled with apples and pumpkin, and good times spent with great people. However, while you are enjoying your Thanksgiving feast, it is important that you are paying attention to any foods that may “accidentally” fall into your pets feeding area. Turkey and other bones that are present in holiday dishes can not only cause intestinal blockages and problems for your pets digestive system, but they can also leave them feeling ill for days from eating rich foods that they are not used to. –

Heating Devices

Fall is notorious for the smell of outdoor bonfires and or the crackling of the fire places taking over the air. However, while these heating mechanisms may keep you feeling toasty and warm, they can be a great danger for your pets. It is no secret that animals are curious by nature, therefore you want to make sure that you close up your fireplaces or block off any fire pits in order to keep your pet protected. Also, if you use an indoor electric heater in your home, be sure that you turn it off each and every time you leave the house in order to keep your pet safe from any potential accidents.

Outdoor Dangers

The smells and sights of autumn make a great excuse to head out into the woods or to take a long walk with your dog. However, there are several different outdoor dangers that you should be cautious of whenever you head outside in the fall. For instance, October is the peak season for hunting. Therefore, you should always make sure both you and your pet are wearing proper bright colors to ward off any hunters in your area. Also, many people begin preparing their vehicles for the colder season once we hit the month of October. Therefore, beware of any antifreeze or any other coolant product that may have spilled out onto the ground. These chemicals can be deadly to your pet if they are ingested. As we said before, the fall season is a great time of year to get in some quality bonding with your pet and enjoy the sights and smells of the season. However, make sure you follow these three helpful tips for keeping your pet healthy and happy in the months ahead.

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