The Mosquito Hazard

The cool, rainy weather we have had this spring is likely to cause a bumper crop of mosquitoes this summer. Pet’s need to be safely protected from the serious health hazards posed by mosquitoes.

 ImageHeartworms are parasites transmitted by mosquitoes that can be potentially fatal to your pet. Many people are familiar with heartworm disease in dogs, but are unaware that cats may also contract the parasite. In fact, cats infested with heartworms often have more severe clinical signs than dogs and poorer prognosis.

All dogs and cats should be test, by a veterinarian, for the presence of heartworms and put on a heartworm preventative regimen.

Heartworm disease is easy and inexpensive to prevent. A heartworm pill costs about $8 per month. Treatment for heartworm disease will cost $1,500 or more, and can be risky for your pet.

The fact that your dog only goes outside to relieve himself/herself, and that your cat does not go outside at all, does not eliminate the risk of disease. Mosquitoes are everywhere, and it only makes one bit to transmit disease!


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