You May Be the Perfect Cat Owner If You…

  • Think scratching everything within reach is a sign of intelligence.Image
  • Think 15 years of caring for a pet does not seem like a lifetime.
  • Look forward to having your ankles rubbed dry by an affectionate, hairy animal after each shower.
  • Don’t mind sharing your house with someone who sheds, tracks kitty litter, and throws up hairballs.
  • Don’t mind sharing your house with someone who will never clean up after themselves.
  • Don’t mind a housemate who will randomly and regularly entertain you with outrageous and silly antics (at their whim, not yours)
  • Want to take care of someone every day.
  • Want your lap warmed whenever you sit down.
  • Would like to spend your extra money on pet food, toys, veterinary care, kitty litter, and more kitty litter.
  • Want to be welcomed with a soft purr of appreciation.
  • Believe that spaying and neutering pets will help solve the pet overpopulation problem.
  • Can’t image leaving your devoted pet behind when you move.
  • Want to keep an ID tag on your pet(s), so they can get back to you no matter what.
  • Enjoy unconditional love and constant companionship.

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