Preventing Destructive Behavior

Chewing is a natural part of canine behavior. This is a big reason why many owners decide to get rid of their dogs. This is unfortunate because it is a preventable and correctable problem. Many times pet owners give their dogs too much freedom and then they get into trouble. Owners feel that as soon as their puppy is housebroken, their problems are all solved and they let him out on his/her own. This is when the dog is teething and needs to be watched.

Chewing may be a natural development in your dog’s life, but it should not go unchecked. People who believe a puppy will outgrow his chewing habits are mistaken. A dog is a creature of habit. We have to develop good habits and change the bad habits. DO NOT give your puppy old socks, shoes, or slippers to chew on. He cannot tell the difference between your old ones and new ones. They all smell the same to him because your odor is present.

A young dog should always be supervised when out of his usual living space. He should have his own toys to play with and chew on. An excellent teething toy is a chew rope. Sometimes even wetting the chew rope and putting it in the freezer can help. The cold helps to soothe sore gums.

Do not let your puppy pick up any objects that are not his own. Do not let him grab an object and run through the house, expecting you to chase him. This is a bad habit waiting to develop. A short lunge line can correct these habits if they are already in place. When he runs, you can step on the end of the line with a firm command. The excitement is now over!

Ways to prevent chewing:

  • Pick up any objects you do not want your pet to chew on.
  • Keep your dog in a crate if you are not able to supervise him – if you are too busy watching what he is doing, he belongs in a crate.
  • Your dog has to learn to relax when you are away. If you are going to be leaving for a lengthy period of time, play with him before you leave. You need to tire him out so he is ready to nap when you put him in his crate. He has to learn to tolerate your absence.
  • Find a toy that will distract and entertain your dog from unsuitable objects.
  • Take obedience class – your dog will become more focused and relaxed.
  • Give your dog some constructive outlets by giving him toys that challenge him.
  • If you have any questions, give us a call. We are here to help. Remember that Animal Motel can be your information resource.




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