Questions You May Want to Ask Your Day Care Provider

  1. Is there a risk of my dog getting injured?
  2. Do all dogs drink water out of the same bowl?
  3. How many people are watching the dogs in day care?
  4. How many dogs are together in day care?
  5. Do you separate large and small dogs?
  6. Do you separate puppies from mature dogs?
  7. Are they supervised at all times?
  8. How long are the sessions?
  9. How long are the dogs in crates?
  10. How big is the area that dogs play in? (Should be 70 – 100 sq ft/dog)
  11. How do you break up dog flights?
  12. What kind of training do the care takers in day care have?
  13. Are vaccines required?
  14. What do the dogs play on?
  15. If boarding overnight, when do the dogs get let out?
  16. Is there someone in the building at night?Image
  17. What time do the dogs get let out in the evenings/mornings?
  18. Are all dogs neutered or spayed?

Other things to keep in mind:

– Dogs, like people have bad days and become aggressive.

– Some dogs have no desire to become part of a group.

– Some dogs don’t do well with a high level of physical and emotional activity everyday.

– Dogs cannot play eight hours a day.


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