The Responsibilities of Pet Ownership

Here are some main responsibilities and facts about being a pet owner. 

  • The general public is concerned about the health hazards of animal droppings in public places and the dangers posed by free roaming animals.
  • The number of reported dog bits across the country has been increasing, thus triggering anti-dog legislation.
  • Many of those that object to animal related laws fail to acknowledge the responsibilities of pet ownership.
  • As a means of preventing a negative impact on the general public we must prevent our pets from becoming a public nuisance.
  • Picking up after our pets, keeping them on a leash or under control in public places and minimizing barking are our responsibilities as pet owners.

If you are having behavioral problems with your pet give Don a call, he may be able to help.

We offer obedience training classes year round at Animal Motel. Our spacious indoor training hall is heated and air conditioned. New classes begin monthly. Advanced registration is required. For more information visit our website



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