Walk – Don’t Pull


  • Your dog likes to pull because you are too slow and he likes to move. There is always something out there for him to explore.
  • Many of our pets from puppyhood got in the habit of just pulling you where they wanted to go. Remember they are creatures of habit. Instead of the dog walking you, you should be walking the dog.
  • We have to teach our pets to walk properly and politely on our walks.
  • If you have a young puppy and he starts pulling, you might just half and wait for him to stop pulling. When he stops, praise him (don’t encourage him to jump on you – bend down and pet him so he stays off of you).
  • With older and larger dogs, it helps if you change direction every time he pulls. When the leash tightens, change direction and give a good jerk on it. When he loosens up on the leash, give him praise (a pat on the chest or a treat). He now has choice to make. Pull on the leash, he gets a jerk. Walk nice, he gets praise.
  • If your dog is too strong or you have some physical challenges, our pet shop has different training tools to assist you.
  • Head halters, no-pull halters, restraining harness, or pinch collars may be your answer.

Remember, walking your dog should be enjoyable for both you and your dog!


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