5 Tips to a Safe Halloween for Your Pet

Halloween is a fun time to dress up your furry pet, but keep in the mind the following safety tips as you celebrate this year.

Halloween Safety

1. Keep candy treats safely out of your pets reach. Chocolate poses a serious threat to your pets, as it contains theobromine (is a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant) and caffeine, which is toxic to your pets. Give them safe, nutritious doggies treats instead. Remember 1 – pound of chocolate can kill a 20 – 25 pound dog.

2. Keep your pets inside, away from trick-or-treaters or other Halloween activities. Backyards often become the targets of pranksters. Costumed children might frighten your dog or he/she might frighten the children. Make sure your pets don’t sneak out in all the excitement of frequently opened doors.

3. Keep pets away from live flame decorations such as candles and jack-o-laterns. Hanging decorations may become tangled or may even choke pets if chewed on.

4. Avoid costumes that confine your dog. Masks and flowing capes can create hazards. Rubber bands cut into the skin and can cause pain and infections. If you must, be sure you don’t restrict breathing, movement, vision, hearing, or barking. Nothing small, dangling, or easily chewed off pieces that your pet would chew on.

5. Pets are creatures of habit and can become stressed when their environment suddenly changes. They are better off if they can be protected from all the traditions of Halloween.





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